Monday, October 31, 2011


      You may recall - or not - that on October 29, I asked that you engage in a little 'make believe'.  We all donned our tin-foil-hats, thereby deflecting any alien rays which, if not deflected, might leave us vulnerable to mental aberrations such as mind control and all of its pathologic dangers to our person/thoughts.  So armed, we then read a hauntingly-crafted Halloween tale.  We did this on 10/29 because 10/31 was taken.  What follows is the jammed dance card that caused this untimely switcheroo.
      On Monday, 10/24, I had a doctor's appointment in Norfolk.  At the Medical Center downtown.  Said 'Center', I'd been alerted by 2 post cards, was temporarily across the street as the facility was getting a face lift.  BACKGROUND: I had already tended to the blood work necessary for Dr. #1 (post card #1) and would be doing the same for Dr. #2 (post card #2) for the following Monday.  END OF BACKGROUND.
      As driving to downtown Norfolk's medical center & paying their parking fees rates right up there with driving to Pittsburgh in the snow for 12 hours with a hungry, crying eleven month old child, a friend suggested I use our new Light Rail system - The Tide - leaving my car at the Newtown Rd. station in Virginia Beach and riding in quiet, $0.75 senior bliss on a beam-me-up-Scotty type glistening transport vessel which would speedily/scenically whisk me to the 'center' in 15 minutes whence I would stroll languidly to the pedestrian crossover - gazing down at the pitiably glazed/irked drivers - white knuckles to the wheel - processing inch by inch, sweat beads abounding to sundry, vacuous destinations - then descend, nary a lock a-muss, to amble 0.3 miles - as the pedestrian paces - to my appointment.  (Did I mention the FREE parking @ the Newtown Rd. station?)
      In an imperfect world there'd be at least one glitch.  Mine was that the 'newness' of the travel mode had me 'tiding' a tad late so with Andy at the ready, I called doctor 1's office to report potential tardiness.  And, ooops, lovely lady assured me there was no problem as my appointment was for the FOLLOWING Monday.  Indeed  But not to worry.  The blood work would still be OK.  The NOT OK department was the appointment I was missing with Dr. #2 whilst gliding toward her 'center' in shameful comfort.
      I frantically called to report my mix-up and the receptionist, serving up some icy shoulder with her 'advice', suggested I come in anyway.  I could AT LEAST get their blood work done and meet my new doctor (who had agreed to see me)  Which I did.  Blood pressure up. (REALLY?)  Blood draw by trainee smooth until I returned to examining room and noticed a trail of (still flowing) purple blood the rivulet of which had already Tye-dyed my cords, socks and Bircks, saturated my watch & rings & puddled along with me on my return to the lab across the hall.  No problem.  Dressing changed.  "Keep some pressure on that, honey." followed by "Peroxide? We don't have that here."
      But, having lots of time to kill & Perrier (Dr. #1 is kidney guy so I'd been hydrating for the previous hour for my not-needed-this-week donation), I emptied their canister of cotton balls & a bottle of bubbly & went to work on the wardrobe & jewelry.  My new Dr. @2 was SO sweet - and concerned about the pallor from the back spasms caused by doing the "bend-and-scrub" - so she suggested I rest a bit & slowly, carefully start my homeward voyage.  Oh, and "Your blood work is great!". (Been there so long, they'd had the time to do all 9 orders AND generate a printout).
      Of course the truly UPSIDE was that today, I got to kidney guy in a timely fashion on my new best friend - The Tide - and received a glowing report from him as well.  All of which put me in the best of moods as we motored at break-neck speed to Portsmouth for Trick-or-Treating with the peeps.  Felt SO New Age.  "Appointments went very well.  And I just love that light rail."
      In between the two fateful Mondays, there were lots of other surprises.  And me without my tin-foil-hat.  Tuesday, 10/25, marked the 8th anniversary of Jen and Ross' 'burning trolley' wedding.  And surprise! NONE of the confirmed-delivery-by-Tuesday gifts arrived.  (Actually one arrived, but contained the wrong item)
      So, partly because of THIS let-down, we said "Sure." when they unexpectedly asked if we could extend our baby-sitting afternoon at their house to an overnight at ours.  And, surprise!  Emma - 4 - and Charlie - 18 mos - and their bags - 10 or so, give of take - arrived at 11:00 AM Saturday.  They were SO excited.  We would play ball, ride around in the red Mustang  rag top, music blaring, get to play with rubber duckie in the hot tub before nite-nite, walk our beagle, Bridie - and give her treats (like the 8 year-old milk bone carrier I'd found & had out to empty & wash to give Declan as he's train- ing Max) AND have ravioli & french toast in the morning.
      They had a ball.  And we had them packed & delivered home Sunday in time for Molly and I to go to lunch & then see "The Mighty Macs" while the guys watched football.  I cheated apres the movie and had some WONDERFUL "cheesecake delight" ice cream with Molly. (can't have sugar)  Once back at their house, I promptly passed out on the sofa. (hypoglycemia).  But it was still a fun-packed weekend.  Once home, Phil walked Bridie whilst I went room to room, discovering, disposing and disinfecting the MANY results of her feast of 'aged' treats. 
      The evenin
      Friday afternoon, thought I'd spend some time with Emma.  Mommy was all a-dervish with Halloween decorations PLUS preparing for the Sunday Football gathering which she was hosting.  Steelers (all of the guests) v. Patriots (the Matt-Julie-Mia renegades in Boston).  So Em and I went to see "The Mighty Macs".  She was adorable in her matching garnet headband and slippers (adorned with huge garnet gems).  That the 'slippers' slid off every 20 steps or so - because they are inside 'slippers' - was of no moment.  We popped into Barnes & Noble & got 2 silk rope bookmarks with red hearts at either end and tied them around the slippers ala ballet shoes.  Worked.  Kinda.  But the warm embrace of the theater seat for 2 plus hours worked even better.

     Perhaps you're beginning to understand why the 10/29 switcheroo.  Busy is as busy does.  And I was busy doin' so that 10/31 would have a most memorable ending.  Think it worked out.  I mean, I'm just sayin'.

Lorane. . . .