Sunday, March 30, 2014


       Far be it for me to EVER brag, as in 'in-your-face-so-there' commentary.  (Probably not very, truth be known. Or not.). But I just WISH I could share (What's up with the overuse of 'share', bye the bye?  When I was raising my offspring, it was a paramount issue.  Currently, offspring having reached acceptable if not admirable heights, I don't care to share.  I've reverted to "Mine!".  You can get your own, as I did.). Rather, I'd LOVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT my last seven days on our planet.  Ready?
       Scotch the rumors.  There really is a sub-set in our meagre society who enjoy views of this ilk -        
- blurs be damned - from the polished wood decks of the magnificent sailing vessel upon which they stand, playing off any semblance of imbalance - as it relates to standing - waving gaily to their imagined counterparts, also standing rail side, eager to begin their salty sojourn.  I know this because I took this photo a week ago with my handy-dandy cell phone camera.
       Then it was same old-same old.  A day "at sea" followed by exotic ports of call.  For me, it certainly was NOT all 'fun-and-games'.  Hardly.  My husband/traveling/generally unhappy companion and I attended daily intense lectures given by speakers of note and followed by invigorating 'Q&A' sessions geared toward solving the 'BIG' ones - world hunger, the Ukraine, missing large planes, the Ukraine, joblessness in the US, Food Stamps and the Ukraine.
Companion looking for lost plane
       We did, however, find SOME time to explore the geography of the Caribbean.  And found it to be not only still there but possessed of generosity and largess that would be seen as a shocking breach of taste were the offerings turned down.  And so it came to pass that, like armies of luxury lovers who have preceded us, we lounged - lizard-like - in its lap.  We were also fortunate to have a captain who went out of the itinerary's way to ensure a most COMPLETE experience.
       One evening he doubled back, fighting the gusts and grumps, to provide us the vision of the most unusual pair of volcanic Pitons reaching for the heavens.
Yours truly indicating proof positive of the spectacular pair's existence.  (Where is makeup when one truly NEEDS them, I ask you.). Forced to rise early - what with such a jammed dance card - we'd down our Eggs Benedict, tropical smoothies and croissants  in a two hour flash and race into the busiest of days.
       We celebrated my birthday on the briny with the generosity and skill of our chef extraordinaire.  (What that man could do with a rack of lamb was nothing short of obscene.)  But that, dear readers was the penultimate highlight of our wet trek.  Serendipity presented us with the International Sailing Regatta off St. Barth's on Saturday.  Braving the swells - and the water, too - in our tiny tenders, we saluted these brave, happy crews en route to the shoppes.
Don't know where the crew from the Red Bull hailed, but they cavalierly took time out to wave a jolly good "Ahoy" to us.
       I could go on but that's already been done.  And so to bed, perchance to dream or at least not roll over onto one of those giant chocolate-dipped strawberries that Steward Didi insists on artfully placing on the satin sheets.
Later, Lorane. . . .