Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving; Thanks Taking

      The pace.  It's the pace at which we must do this 'thing' of living that obviates the very need/desire to live well.  It follows, then, that, if 'living well' is a noble and good goal, we must remove any obstacles to its achievement.  We are, it would seem, due - actually ethically bound - to effect a change of pace.
      During this time of year, while we focus on being thankful for our blessings, our good fortunes, we must also focus on our 'wish lists' and disappointments.  Just as we acknowledge our capabilities, we must accept our limitations.  Only then, can we begin our journey toward 'wholeness' or, for a woman, completeness.  As a woman, wife, mother, citizen, I pray and hope for wholeness, contentment, for those whom I love.  This day, my reflections are wrapped around a very special loved one.  My daughter Robyn, wife of my son and mother of their children, is not at peace.  Indeed, she is in emotional and spiritual pain.  I dedicate this entry to her and the initiation of her journey back to good feelings - contentment, shared pleasures, the knowledge that she NEVER walks alone por in darkness.  Come.  Come with me to Robyn.
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