Sunday, December 11, 2011


      Well, I guess the ole fuse has been on overload of late.  And speaking of 'late', that's exactly how I've been running.  "Today, Self, YOU WILL WRITE". Right. Today.  BRAIN: Just checked calender and - oops!, it's tomorrow! Self didn't write. Again. Wrong.
      Of course whatever can go wrong, does. Especially when you are rushed, addled, cannot tolerate dog hair, crumbs, etc on white tile kitchen floor thereby wasting chunks of productive time eliminating same. Then there's appointments kept for simple tests only to find out data missing/not sent to doc who needed them; Selecting presents to help Santa & finding out chubs doesn't reimburse for this favor; staying in touch with really important people. And since that is never a 'wrong', no apologies.
Color me Coping
      But I sorely MISS writing.  Miss you, dear readers.  Think of the pluses.  When I write, I heal, I deal (as in cope), I extract myself from the ho-hum rut of overstimulating reality.  And when you read, YOU can take a break from the daily (nano-second-ly) grind - which has nothing to do with a good cup of Jo OR pole dancing - which has nothing to do with elves. You can enter MY world for a bit - and unless you've got the IQ of a box of frozen snow peas, you can exit STAT. There are always choices. To get up; to put paper weight on snooze button; to read; to swear off of this blog.
      If, however, you are a Karma 'type', I think things are re-sol-ving. I really do.  SOME thing happened this week - obviously I was too busy/frazzled to notice - that has things rolling along with far more 'grace under pressure' (and please don't call me Grace); in  more of an "old sport", "light-on-Daisy's-dock" ambiance which means - DRUM ROLL - I AM going to write again. Soon.  Mayhaps tomorrow - after Molly's dance recital. (Grand peep Molly of "Good-Golly-Miss-Molly"-fame.  I'm just sayin', "Let's talk, SOON.

Sooner. L. . . .
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