Thursday, January 24, 2013


       Today - in that it appears to be cold and dreary most everywhere (weather lady so reports), I thought I'd chat with my children - loin-sprouted as well as 'ersatz-acquired' over time and so many 'spaces'.  Cope-ers every one, you have given me MUCH joy so by way of 'thanx' and, it is hoped, some wisdom accumulated lo, these 60 some years (I know. Hard to believe I'm not 112.)

       I am blessed in having the luxury of the time to amuse myself thus for several reasons.  While chatting/day-planning with my new best friend, "DO Tell", a masterfully & frugally sculpted little metal frog (Sits about 18"; webbed-footed legs crossed, holding a red mug of jo & staring up engagingly with those ex ophthalmic reptilian eyes.), it occurred to us that it was a fine day to concoct some "Iadi" (self-christened, baked, herbed veggie casserole;  may be consumed that day or frozen "If Anyone Drops In" - ergo the name- unexpectedly in the future.)

       It fills the home, permeating crevices with dust balls now cheerful and cozy from the wafting aroma.  All things bleak must flee under its power.  The other phenom that gives me leave to so indulge is the absence of interference.  My mate of 45 years is mastering - with the discipline and focus of a Zen monk - what appears to be a 'finally-living-out-of-a-youthful-dream'. There must have been a time when he yearned to be ordained into one of those cloistered religious orders, the hermeneutic membership of which practices absolute SILENCE, engages in rigorous/ritualistic/mental devotional activities and restrains from ALL UNNECESSARY MOVEMENT.  His success at this endeavor is staggering to date.

       It is, then, with this unfettered freedom and blissful accommodation that I come to you, little gems that you have become, with - again, but a goal - some pearls for a cold, rainy day and other such life-interrupting/pace-changing 'happenings'.  (It may also serve to explain what could become an otherwise diverse oleo of seemingly unrelated factoids and suggestions (which played a big role in the titling of this opus, in truth, interjected by DO when he saw how I was 'rolling'.)

       The 'iadi'-of-the-day was spontaneously assembled.  (NB:  Grand-Daughters - We have 3, I may have mentioned in past posts, who, for the non-initiated, are 6.5 year-old Molly, presently in school but wishing she was outside, catching the scant falling flakes on an eager, healthy, pink tongue; 5.3 year-old Emma, also in school and most likely regaling classmates with a re-play of her first 'whale watch' outing - enjoyed on the Monday holiday.  (If possible, she'll simultaneously use ASL & throw in some Spanish for color)and 4.3 year-old Mia who lives in Boston so may not be in school but tearing/spinning down fresh, white powder with indoor breaks to nurse her recently-injured dog back to play-level health. Oh, yes, the 'NB'.

       You have all had iadis but Mommy just called them dinner veggies.  A real iadi is made WITH a big person supervising - whose permission was obtained - and it is 'special' in that the main ingredient you add is 'secret sunshine' that cheers/warms the eater and contributes to that yummy smell that makes everybody glad to be indoors - where it's warm and friendly and home!  Ours did the trick today using potatoes, onions, celery, red cabbage (shredded & inspected), green beans - added for the last 5 minutes of baking - and fresh herbs.  The entire masterpiece was drizzled with olive oil.

       A few words about 'inspected'.  So many fresh veggies are "pre-prepped" for our convenience.  Welll, you just have to wonder just how the assigned peeler/chopper/washer/bagger was thinking while 'tasking', you know?  Were we thinking celery or Cecile, hot date tonight?  Cabbage or Carl-the-new-payroll-guy?  It's just "Good Practice" to always inspect: "Exceptions": If it says "NO sugar", you needn't personally test.  "Slippery When Wet".  Why check it out?  "I just know he's 'Mr. Right'".  Don't sleep with him until you're "Mrs. Right". Because I said so.  "Has been Known to Cause Hair Loss".  Get another brand.  Ya wanna be a statistic just to save a few bucks?  These are just a few.  All Good Practices and Rules have exceptions.  But, in general, inspecting - especially when it comes to feeding your family - is GOOD.

       DO Tell is giving me that look.  I was so excited to share my iadi (and use my new Surface) that I've allowed myself to fall for that 'oldest-trick-in-the-book' - procrastination/avoidance.  (OK, so it's 2 tricks.  NOW you're all about paying attention?)  I must get to the remainder of the day's plan - which includes "The Walk" - cold/dreary or warm/sunny.  Sooo, we shall meet again on the morrow when I can share more adventures (called 911 for first time in my life Saturday) and 'hood' news (That new dog has now bitten the newer dog as well as Bridie) and helpful hints (People parked in multi-colored jeeps in a non-driveway probably are NOT there to inquire as to whether you've seen their lost cats and should be ignored.)

Later, Lorane
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