Sunday, August 4, 2013

What's It All About?


        Alfie?  Hardly.  And "Hokey Pokey" is out.  Must, then, be something 'in'.
Had to really listen up, so hushed was his cue.
Five, six seven, eight - "Jump!"
Fly high, tuck and SPLASH-IN!
No room to run and dash in.
But must have the SOUNDIN'
like a song.  Like the song.  Light the song.
It's your heart and soul, Joey.  Because the
song alone - the melody,
cannot be 'in'.  It needs the harmony.
You were, always will be, the Harmony.
Joey Patrick Callahan,
born of the perfect shot.
Francis Sullivan lovin' Lauren -
and it flew from that tee, took aim,
and came to be that "Hole in one!",
yelled he as he gazed at Lauren's ever swollen, won belly.
It was you, Joey P, that then surfaced to be
the missing light in the links of song
now perfected and completed
by Joey's Harmony filling life undefeated.
First as son to Father, Mother.
Then as sibling shield to brothers and sisters.
He brought comfort, spoke truth in song and word and laughed easily, heartfelt, at
the bidding of humanity and his Lord.
His mission - to be there
when big bro Sully crashed;
to love and mind Coleen when she thought him rash;
to encourage, reinforce in Vincie
that needed self-discipline that, if gone unheeded
would stagnate Vince.  He'd not succeeded.
To cherish, bond with, allay Clare Bear's fears.
Acting as one from the start
and even now, to her end of these years.
There was a splash.  Perhaps one heard a snap
as he crossed over, met by a wee Irish shaver.
Rubbing his eyes in confusion,
faintly hearing cries, sobs of desperation
he thought - must be a delusion.
Then, blindkng light - coming from him ."Like the song, Joey," wee one plead, "Remember, only you are Harmony.  Only you make 'it' 'in'."
Sing with them.
Return her peace to Mom;  eradicate Dad's doubts;
and reassure Sully such that he knows he's the strength for himself and Vincie
while Vince begins to re-learn laughter.
Be sure Coleen knows she'll never lose her prince.  You're there always - always close and there.  Lastly, you're ever 'The Man' and trojble buddy for little princess, Clare Bear.
Make certain they all know
it was ever the plan
that only laughter, love and kindness
would alone be the one whom others knew as Joseph Patrick Callahan.
It's about being 'in' on all the right things
and the power of good raining down
when melody and harmony sing the music of this living
which is but prelude to the next.  A typically 'human' misunderstanding of prelude.
Later, Joey, Lorane. . . .
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