Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bill de WHO?

       How hard did William De Vane work and doing what?  I pose this question not from idle curiosity but because 'I wanna be like Bill' - cantering around the estate when NOT stuffing tactfully delivered precious metals - cleverly packaged in FTD boxes, to my front door.
       I want to be able to smile impishly when a neighbor - as they always do - asks, "What do you have in your safe?". I simply refuse to rely on some 'fly-by-not' saving service when I fall, can't get up and am told to vacate the premises STAT because there's smoke coming from my kitchen window and the Fire Department has been summoned.  No.  Like Bill, I want 24/7, in-house 'angels' watching over my wall safe and me, ready and able to save all that is precious - my metals, me, any pets or grand peeps who happen to be about - the entire Gestalt of things marked "fragile", "Important", "personal", etc.  (They can evacuate the boxes marked "etc" last.)
       If you know, dear readers, DO share.  How did William DeVane get in a position to do 'on air' advertising for MONEY?  (Surely he's paid in doubloons, but I'm just sayin'.)
Later, Lorane. . . .
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