Friday, May 23, 2014

As They Say. . .

       " Elegance is a state of mind." - Oleg Cassini.  Noticed that quote the other day.  I sat down and squinted my eyes closed shut.  Real tight.  And I thought.  E-L-E-G-A-N-C-E.  After about an hour, satisfied that success was in the gilded-clasped evening bag - along with  and comfortable among the other newly acquired designer items in my closet - I bolted up and sprinted to my computer to (paperlessly) check the balance in my cheque-ing account.  There it was.
       The fixed and not so elegant but all too familiar orts of this month's government- generated contribution to said account.  It had obviously been artfully construed with Brand name purchasing in mind.  I was, as they say, loaded for Bayer, Kraft and Sunkist.  Seems that while Oleg may have lived in Elegance, I continue to maintain my Virginia zip code.
              Alternatively, one could say that my mind it is awash in abundance - of love, family and a  never-quenched thirst for knowledge of the old and new variety.  Take my Surface tablet - please Microsoft - and do your magic compatibility trick that will allow me to talk to all my friends on Blogger without losing font size, color, photos and entire paragraph chunks.
       Yes.  I have seen -and bought -the everything there is to know about Windows 8.1 olio of manuals, books and tile tips.  They are thorough and easily understood.  A gift (?Fathers' Day) for any user who wishes to understand his computer functionality and remedially.  As for me, I was thinking of something more along the lines of female-person-wife-mother-grandmother-writer- commentator.  "Windows 8.1 Whiz" just doesn't fit well.  Makes me look short, fat, stooped and dumb/ boring.
       My mind also fancies and is blessed with creativity.  When not writing - which is 90% of my free time lately due to this compatibility issue. (Have you noticed these days nobody has problems anymore.  Only "issues".) I paint, refinish furniture, grow food and flowers in catchy little containers, read (things written by the segment of the population without compatibility issues) and prepare unusual and color-coordinated meals.
       Since I am not averse to overflow or crowding, my mind also holds music, theater, dance, romping with children, laughing added to all things and a huge blanket of spirituality which can be decompressed in a blink down to rosary beads case size, giving me even more space to think - nay WONDER - at the beauty/genius of ever-evolving technology.
       Perhaps, then, Oleg and I are not at odds when it comes to state of mind.  Blessings, such as the above mentioned, transcend material elegance.  However, when speaking of his fashion designing, Mr. C's personal motto was: "Better than most.  Second to none."
       That one stumped me.  MIND: second to none  equals best of all.  If he is only better than most,  he loses his first place position.  I must conclude that whatever Mr. Cassini said was lost in translation.  After all, he spoke five languages fluently.  Rather than ending with a perplexed feeling, I shall move on.  Pablo Picasso said, "Everything you can imagine is real".  I am off to check my bank balance again.
Later, Lorane. . . .
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