Sunday, January 19, 2014

Just CAN'T STOP Listening

       Well now.  I was going to be writing about clothing today but something keeps getting in my way.  And because I didn't want to type, I turned on speech recognition.  Unfortunately, a while ago I got an e-mail and because I was not interested in it I deleted it.  Well, I thought I deleted it.
       Instead, the person who was speaking on the e-mail video continues to speak.  He has identified himself as Anthony Tryster.  He claims to be the president or owner of a company called the "Coffee Shop Millionaire Education, Incorporated".  Even as these words are falling on the page, old Anthony is in the background chattering away about how you and I and anyone else can make millions of dollars by opening a coffee shop.
       I wasn't able to turn off my e-mail so I turned off my computer.  After I restarted it, I was able to get to my blog page and eventually even got my speech recognition friend to work.  So fortunately I don't have to type. I can just tell you about Anthony and the problems that he has caused me.  After all, if Anthony was able to get to me, he probably can pop into your living room as well.
       It seems that Anthony Tryster and all the members of the coffee shop millionaire education incorporated organization have figured out a way of making millions of dollars with very little effort.  There seems to be a time element as well.  As I listen to Anthony in the background, I keep hearing that if we don't act now, we are going to miss our big opportunity.  (And trust me, from the way he describes his car and last winter's skiing jaunt in Gstaad or wherever, we certainly don't want to do that.)
       I think there may be a money element involved as well.  Anthony has decided to make  what he calls a "one time stupid decision" to offer this opportunity on what he calls his "very own dime".  All we have to do is watch and listen to his tutorials and we will have all the information we need to start our very own millionaire coffee shop.
       Unfortunately, I don't have any visuals or pictures that I can share with you as Anthony has done with me.  I've seen folks loitering around, sipping lattes and eating doughnuts, reading newspapers and figuring out crossword puzzles - all the while lounging in comfort like your average warm and cozy a lizard..  Actually they are sipping your potential $1,000,000 coffee.
       According to Anthony, the "really cool part" is that you really don't need anything to get started.  "You can live on your own terms." Those terms seem to be defined as absolute "autopilot income".  He has explained that the real average daily income is anywhere from 1 to 3 thousand dollars.
       It's difficult because he speaks very rapidly but from what I understand the ability to become a $1,000,000 coffee shop owner is tied very closely to what Anthony's told us was his stupid decision to give that autopilot start up income to the new member.  There's nothing immoral or illegal about his system.  In fact, Anthony chuckles that your friends will think you've won the lottery.  What a kidder.  The guy slays me.  NOT, RIGHT?
       According to Anthony, the Internet is literally a "river of money".  And winning the 'swim' game online has nothing to do with luck or timing but has everything to do with knowledge.  And Anthony is planning to literally download that knowledge right into your brain.  Of course none of this can happen unless you act right away.  If you don't act fast and download this special knowledge, it may not be there when you return.
       Oh. There is one other element that seems to be very important. There will be a limited number of people who will be able to access or download this knowledge.  Anthony says, and rightly so, if he were to give his system or knowledge to everyone - why it would be like shooting himself in the foot.
        Therefore, for a very limited time, Anthony is going to "stupidly" give you the information and start up knowledge that you need for only $37.00.  Failure is simply not in Anthony's vocabulary.  Apparently neither is longevity.  I say this because Anthony has shared with me - and with you - the fact that he may have to close this page in a short period of time.
        In that the noise or rather background sound of Anthony's babbling has ceased, it just may be that that time has arrived.  More's the pity, I say.  Just as I was warming up to becoming a coffee shop millionairess, that "closed" sign seems to have been placed on the door.
       Well, I may have lost a great opportunity, but I think I'll check to be certain that our Security System is on and the "Open" sign is not executed on our front porch anon. Or even later. Lorane. . . .
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